Applicable Legislation:  R.D. 61/2006, al R.D. 1027/2006 y  al R.D. 1088/2010

The referenced standards always correspond to the last published version

 Ampared by  ENAC accreditation DETERMINATION OF TEST METHOD
Density of 15°C UNE-EN ISO 3675
Colour ASTM D 1500
Transparency and brightness ASTM D 4176-04
Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C UNE-EN ISO 3104
Distillation UNE-EN ISO 3405
Flash point, closed cup UNE-EN ISO 2719 (Proc. A)
Cold filter plugging point UNE-EN 116
Cloud point UNE-EN 23015
Sulfur content UNE-EN ISO 20846
Corrosion to Cu, 3h a 50°C UNE-EN ISO 2160
Water and sediments  
  Cetane Index UNE-EN ISO 4264
  Cetane Number Corr. UNE-EN ISO 5165
  Water UNE-EN ISO 12937
  Solid particles UNE-EN 12662:2014
  Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons Corr. UNE-EN ISO 12916:2016
  Content in FAME UNE-EN  14078: 2014
  Pour point